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Japanese Patent JP2002506119
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A method for carboxylating terminal alkynes that have at least one additional aliphatic carbon atom in an alpha position and that do not have a proton which has a higher acidity than that of the proton of the terminal triple bond. In an undivided electrolysis cell equipped with a cathode and an anode, a solution of the terminal alkyne in an aprotic solvent is acted upon by carbon dioxide at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. The invention provides a method in which carbon dioxide is selectively inserted between the terminal C-H bond, without disturbing the triple bond, and can be carried out without a catalyst or catalyst precursor.

Frank kester
Eckhart Dinus
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Publication Date:
February 26, 2002
Filing Date:
March 03, 1999
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Forsungszentrum Karlsruhe Gesellschaft Mitt Beschlenktel Haftung
International Classes:
C07B41/08; C07C69/606; C07C69/608; C07C69/734; C25B3/04; (IPC1-7): C25B3/04; C07B41/08; C07C69/606; C07C69/608; C07C69/734
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Toshio Yano (4 outside)