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Japanese Patent JP2007518931
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A method of compressing a medium in the combustion chamber of a combustion engine, wherein a liquid spray is introduced into the compression chamber during a compression stroke, the liquid is pressurized and heated before introduction into the compression chamber to such a degree that at least a part of the droplets of the spray explode spontaneously upon entrance in the compression chamber. The pressurized liquid has a steam pressure that is above the pressure in the compression chamber, and the liquid has a temperature that exceeds the boiling point of the liquid for the temperature and the pressure that, at the moment of introduction, exists in the compression chamber, and the heat being water. The liquid is heated to such an extent that, at the moment of introduction, it has a temperature that is below the temperature of the medium at the moment of introduction of the liquid.

Hedman, Mats
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Publication Date:
July 12, 2007
Filing Date:
January 21, 2005
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Carzine Engineering Activlag
International Classes:
F02M25/022; F02B47/02; F02D41/04; F02D43/00; F02D45/00; F02M25/03; F02M
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Kazuo Shamoto
Shinjiro Ono
Kobayashi Yasushi
Chiba Akio
Hiroyuki Tomita
Hiroshi Uchida