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Japanese Patent JP2014528916
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The Don Phung イ (The Republic of Korea, Teajon, 301*793, the Jun * グ ムンホワ, and 1* boss - (with no address) - Central Park, 3* ダンジ apartment, and302*2202)
テ Yoon Park (The Republic of Korea, Teajon, 305*509, and a ユソン * グ グワンピョン * boss - (with no address) - the techno -- a valley - S サンギョン apartment and408*1402)
ジュンギ Jean (The Republic of Korea, Teajon, 305*340, and ユソン * グ Dorion * boss - (with no address) - The Hyundai apartment and102*301)
Sun kill phone (The Republic of Korea, Teajon, 305*340, and ユソン * グ Dorion * boss - (with no address) - The Elgey partner apartment and9*204)
Son ソ Kim (The Republic of Korea and Kyonggi * ド, 413*738, and Paju * Si Jolie * ウプ - (with no address) - A ドンムン Green City apartment and511*902)
ブーンジェ Jean (The Republic of Korea, Teajon, 306*062, デドク * グ ボプ, and 2* boss - (with no address) - Son Bima Ur, 1* ダンジ apartment, and103*1001)
The Sun Bin イ (The Republic of Korea, a soul, 121*180, a マポ * グ Dan Jin * boss, 12*12, the Hyundai town, and 3*401)
キドン コ (The Republic of Korea, Teajon, 305*390, and ユソン * グ John Min * boss - (with no address) - An exposition apartment and307*503)
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Publication Date:
October 30, 2014
Filing Date:
June 20, 2012
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Elgey Kem Limited (Republic of Korea and Seoul Yongdungp'o *グヨイ*デロand128)
International Classes:
C07D471/04; C07D471/14; C07D519/00; C07F9/53; C09K11/06; H01L29/786; H01L51/05; H01L51/30; H01L51/46; H01L51/50
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Shinya Jitsuhiro
Takashi Watabe