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Japanese Patent JP4063764
Kind Code:
Tsang Weymin
Misco Tim
Woodburn Jeremy
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 19, 2008
Filing Date:
September 18, 2002
Export Citation:
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Broadlogic Network Technologies, Inc.
International Classes:
H04J1/00; H04N7/173; C07C67/52; C07C67/54; C07C69/82; G01S1/02; G01S5/02; G01S5/06; G01S5/12; G01S19/27; G02B26/10; G03B5/00; G03B7/093; G03B11/00; G03B17/02; G04G7/02; G06F1/04; G06F1/16; G06F3/00; G06F3/14; G06F9/46; G06F11/00; G06F11/10; G06F12/10; G06F13/00; G06F13/12; G06F13/36; G06F13/362; G06F15/00; G06F15/16; G06F15/173; G06F21/24; G06K9/00; G06K9/62; G06K17/00; G06K19/00; G06T1/00; G06T9/00; G08C19/16; G09C1/00; G09G1/16; G09G1/28; G09G3/02; G09G5/00; G09G5/02; G09G5/36; G09G5/397; G10L19/00; G11B20/10; G11B20/14; G11B20/18; H01L27/00; H01L27/146; H01Q1/24; H01Q21/24; H03D7/00; H03K5/13; H03L7/091; H03M13/03; H03M13/13; H03M13/23; H03M13/27; H03M13/29; H04B1/16; H04B1/26; H04B1/707; H04B7/005; H04B7/185; H04B7/24; H04B7/26; H04B14/00; H04B17/00; H04H60/72; H04J3/06; H04J13/00; H04J13/16; H04L1/00; H04L1/18; H04L7/00; H04L9/00; H04L9/08; H04L9/10; H04L9/14; H04L9/28; H04L9/32; H04L12/08; H04L12/16; H04L12/24; H04L12/26; H04L12/28; H04L12/417; H04L12/46; H04L12/54; H04L12/801; H04L12/841; H04L12/853; H04L25/02; H04L25/03; H04L25/49; H04L25/497; H04L27/02; H04L27/10; H04L27/156; H04L27/18; H04L27/34; H04L29/06; H04L29/08; H04L29/12; H04L29/14; H04M1/00; H04M1/247; H04M1/66; H04M1/723; H04M1/725; H04M3/00; H04M3/16; H04M3/22; H04M3/42; H04M11/00; H04M11/06; H04N1/028; H04N1/031; H04N1/191; H04N5/225; H04N5/232; H04N5/262; H04N5/272; H04N5/44; H04N5/46; H04N5/60; H04N5/64; H04N5/74; H04N5/76; H04N5/765; H04N5/907; H04N5/91; H04N5/92; H04N7/01; H04N7/015; H04N7/08; H04N7/16; H04N7/24; H04N7/26; H04N7/36; H04N7/52; H04N9/31; H04N9/64; H04N9/79; H04N11/20; H04N19/00; H04N21/41; H04N21/414; H04N21/426; H04N21/438; H04Q3/00; H04R3/12; H04W4/06; H04W4/12; H04W4/14; H04W4/16; H04W8/02; H04W8/06; H04W8/08; H04W8/16; H04W8/20; H04W8/26; H04W12/04; H04W12/06; H04W12/10; H04W24/00; H04W24/04; H04W24/08; H04W24/10; H04W28/02; H04W28/08; H04W28/16; H04W28/22; H04W36/04; H04W36/18; H04W36/30; H04W40/22; H04W48/06; H04W48/14; H04W48/16; H04W52/02; H04W52/24; H04W56/00; H04W60/00; H04W64/00; H04W68/00; H04W68/02; H04W72/08; H04W72/12; H04W72/14; H04W76/02; H04W76/04; H04W80/06; H04W84/08; H04W84/12; H04W84/18; H04W88/02; H04W88/04; H04W88/06; H04W88/12; H04W88/18; G11B20/22; H04M1/73; H04N5/04; H04N5/073; H04N5/12; H04N5/38; H04N5/66; H04N5/775; H04N5/85; H04N9/804; H04N17/00; H04N101/00; H04W4/10; H04W8/24; H04W28/04; H04W28/18; H04W36/02; H04W48/08; H04W72/04; H04W74/08; H04W76/06; H04W84/04; H04W88/08; H04W92/12
Domestic Patent References:
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shimizu Hatsushi
Kazunori Hashimoto
Koichi Niimi