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Japanese Patent JP4226704
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To stabilize performance for less degradation even if a material remains in an electrode, by using an organic solvent as a non-aqueous electrode binder with HOMO level and LUMO level from ab initio method molecular orbit calculation. SOLUTION: Related to an electric double layer capacitor, a separator 3 is sandwiched between two polarized electrodes 1 and 2, which are sealed between a stainless steel cap 4 and a stainless can 6 containing an electrolyte 5 with a packing 7 in between. Related to an organic solvent constituting a non-aqueous electrode binder solution, an HOMO level from ab initio method molecular orbit calculation is -12 eV or below while an LUMO level is +0.4 eV or above. As a solution for electrolyte, propylene carbonate is common while a quaternary phosphonium salt and a quaternary ammonium salt is common as an electrolyte.

Katsurao Takumi
Yukio Ichikawa
Nagai Aisaku
Azusa Kurihara
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February 18, 2009
Filing Date:
November 05, 1998
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Kureha Co., Ltd.
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H01G11/22; H01G11/24; H01G11/26; H01G11/38; H01G11/42; H01G11/54; H01G11/86; H01M4/133; H01M10/05; H01M10/0566
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Akio Saruwatari