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Japanese Patent JP5177842
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To provide an inexpensive protection circuit with additional components reduced, capable of stopping the charging of a battery pack at a temperature out of the range of specifications by detecting the temperature of a secondary battery, in the protection circuit of the battery circuit equipped with the secondary battery, and to provide the battery pack using the protection circuit.

A charge controlling FET 7 provided in the protection circuit 2 of the battery pack 1 is connected to a terminal 13C on the output side of a protection IC5 via a resistor R2, and furthermore, an NTC thermistor 8 is connected between a gate and a source in the charge controlling FET 7. A resistance value R2of the resistor R2 and a resistance value characteristics RTHof the NTC thermistor 8 are arbitrarily set, and when it is found to be equal to or higher than an arbitrary temperature, the charge controlling FET 7 is put into an off state to interrupt the charging.


Tadashi Yoshida
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April 10, 2013
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October 19, 2007
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nec Energy Device Co., Ltd.
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H02J7/00; H02H5/04; H02H7/18
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Akio Miyazaki
Ishibashi Masayuki
Masaaki Ogata

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