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Japanese Patent JP6480901
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A vehicle body frame structure for a saddle riding type vehicle, the vehicle body frame structure includes main frames 18 formed by coupling main tubes 22 extending rearwardly downward from a head pipe supporting a front wheel via a front fork to pivot frames 23 supporting a rear fork by rear end portions of the pivot frames 23, and a rear frame 16 in a rear of the main frames 18, the rear frame 16 being formed of a fiber reinforced resin and supporting a seat. The rear frame 16 includes upper side attaching portions 79 attached to the main frames 18, a pair of left and right upper side portions 73 linearly extending rearward from the upper side attaching portions 79, and a cross member 74 laterally coupling the upper side portions 73 to each other. The cross member 74 includes a bulging portion 100 bulging above the upper side portions 73. The structure is able to miniaturize an attaching part attaching a rear frame to main frames and support a seat well.

Tomoya Matsuo
Moruoka Shinya
Dobashi Hikaru
Yohei Suzuki
Tomohiko Yashiro
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Publication Date:
March 13, 2019
Filing Date:
September 09, 2016
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Honda motor industry stock company
International Classes:
B62K19/16; B62J11/00; B62J99/00
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Kushibuti International Patent Office