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Document Type and Number:
Japanese Patent JP8025927
Kind Code:
Cooper and Stephen Randolph (U. S. and Missouri 63146, a cent Lewis, Craig Sher Load 1855 Summerfield A suit)
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 13, 1996
Filing Date:
November 27, 1992
Export Citation:
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Isis イノヴェイション The Limited (Britain and OX 1 3 UB, Oxford, and the south Pax Loading 2)
International Classes:
A61K31/22; C07C309/66; A61K31/18; C07C309/65; A61P9/08; C07C309/73; C07C235/08; A61K31/13; A61K49/00; A61K31/255; C07C233/36; A61P9/10; A61P7/08; A61K31/16; A61P7/06; C07C205/40; C07C19/08; C07C69/63; C07C217/08; A61K31/075; C07C233/05; C07C211/15; C07C43/164; C07C43/12; C07C291/02; C07C215/12; C07C35/48; C07C69/708; C07C309/68; C07C43/10; C07C309/75; C07C217/00; C07C205/00; A61P7/00; A61K31/21; C07C235/00; C07C43/00; C07C309/00; C07C233/00; C07C215/00; A61P9/00; C07C211/00; C07C35/00; C07C69/00; C07C291/00; C07C19/00; (IPC1-7): C07C19/08; A61K31/18; A61K31/22; A61K31/255; A61K31/16; A61K31/075; A61K49/00; A61K31/13; C07C217/08; C07C233/05; C07C69/63; C07C43/12; C07C309/73; C07C235/08; C07C211/15; C07C215/12; C07C35/48; C07C309/68; C07C291/02; C07C309/75
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Adachi Mitsuo (besides one person)