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Japanese Patent JPH11506087
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A web winding apparatus and a method of operating the apparatus are disclosed. The apparatus can include a turret assembly, a core loading apparatus, and a core stripping apparatus. The turret assembly supports rotatably driven mandrels for engaging hollow cores upon which a paper web is wound. Each mandrel is driven in a closed mandrel path, which can be non-circular. The core loading apparatus conveys cores onto the mandrels during movement of the mandrels along the core loading segment of the closed mandrel path, and the core stripping apparatus removes each web wound core from its respective mandrel during movement of the mandrel along the core stripping segment of the closed mandrel path. The turret assembly can be rotated continuously, and the sheet count per wound log can be changed as the turret assembly is rotating. The apparatus can also include a mandrel having a deformable core engaging member.

McNail, Kevin Benson
Rockwood, Frederick Edward
Bine, Thomas Timothy
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Publication Date:
June 02, 1999
Filing Date:
May 22, 1996
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B65H18/04; B65H18/00; B65H18/10; B65H18/16; B65H19/12; B65H19/22; (IPC1-7): B65H19/12; B65H18/04; B65H18/10; B65H18/16
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takehiko Suzue (5 outside)

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