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Japanese Patent JPH0853490
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PURPOSE: To obtain a new thionucleoside which is expected to be developed as a carcinostatic agent because it is a 2'-deoxy-2',2'-dihalogeno-4'-thionucleoside having a specific substituent introduced in the 2'-position of the saccharide moiety and has excellent antitumor action.

CONSTITUTION: A new 2'-deoxy-2',2'-dihalogeno-4'-thionucleoside which is represented by formula I (B is pyrimidine base or purine base; R1, R2 are each a halogen; R3 is H, an acyl, phosphoric acid residue), for example, 2'-deoxy-2',2'- difluoro-4'-thiocytidine and has antitumor action, thus can be expected to be developed as a carcinostatic agent. This compound is obtained by sulfonylating hydroxyl groups of β-D-xylofuranose in the 2- and 5-positions of formula II (R4 is an alkyl; R5 is a protecting group of hydroxyl), treating the product with a sulfide to the compound of formula III, protecting the hydroxyl in the 5-position, oxidizing the hydroxyl in the 2-position, further treating the product with a halogenating agent, and finally reacting with a base B.

Yoshimura, Yuichi
Kitano, Kenji
Matsuda, Akira
Miura, Shinji
Sasaki, Takuma
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Publication Date:
February 27, 1996
Filing Date:
August 09, 1994
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C07H19/06; A61K31/70; A61K31/7042; A61K31/7052; A61K31/7064; A61K31/7068; A61P35/00; C07H19/073; C07H19/10; (IPC1-7): C07H19/06; A61K31/70; C07H19/073; C07H19/10