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Japanese Patent JP2013133625
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To provide an abnormality detection device for a lock, capable of detecting an abnormal state of a lock such as a damaged latch with a relatively simple construction, even applicable to an object which can have no electrical wiring.

An abnormality detection device includes: a lock unit 2 having a latch 7 projecting from a lock body 6, a lock mechanism 8 arranged inside the lock body 6, and an insertion hole 9 formed in the latch 7; and an abnormality monitoring unit having a light emitting device which is arranged inside a housing disposed at a site apart from the lock unit 2 and projects light toward the side of the lock unit 2, a light receiving sensor for detecting the amount of light returning from the side of the lock unit 2, and abnormal state determination means which determines an abnormal state when the detected amount of light reaches a level equal to or less than a predetermined value. The abnormality detection device further includes a light sending optical fiber 40 which transports the light projected from the light emitting device through the lock body 6 and the insertion hole 9 to one end 11 of the latch 7, and a light receiving optical fiber 41 which transports the light radiated from the light sending optical fiber 40 to the light receiving sensor when the latch 7 is at a closed position.

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Publication Date:
July 08, 2013
Filing Date:
December 26, 2011
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International Classes:
E05B45/06; B65D25/20; E05B45/04; E05B67/24
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前田 勘次
大矢 正代