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Japanese Patent JP2006070787
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To provide an accelerator which materializes inexpensive manufacturing cost and easy change in discharge start timing of accelerating fuel in an extremely short time.

A plurality of pin engaging holes 30a, 30b, 30c are circumferentially drilled in a throttle drum 30. A spring collar 31 is equipped with a cylinder part 31a, a throttle valve shaft inserting hole 31c penetrating to the bottom 31b, a collar part 31d, an engaging pin 31e projecting to one side surface 31d1 of the collar part 31d and a lever press pin 31f projecting to the other side surface 31d2 of the collar part 31d. A throttle valve shaft 5 is inserted into and arranged in the throttle valve shaft inserting hole 31c of the spring collar 31, which is pressed onto a side surface 30d of the throttle drum 30 by the throttle valve return spring S. The engaging pin 31e is selected by one of a plurality of pin engaging holes to be engaged therewith. The spring collar 31 and the throttle drum 30 are synchronously rotated. The lever press pin 31f is arranged so as to face the other end of a link lever 13.

GO, Takeo
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Publication Date:
March 16, 2006
Filing Date:
September 01, 2004
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F02M19/00; F02M7/08
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池田 宏