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Japanese Patent JP2008215153
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To certainly provide a desired acceleration performance in a carburetor provided with an accelerator.

A first fuel passage 16a extending from the fuel control chamber of the carburetor is communicated with a second fuel passage 16b leading to a main fuel exhaust nozzle 21 through a fuel storage chamber 18a composed of a part of a cylinder chamber 18. A piston 23 displaceably arranged in the cylinder chamber is displaced by being interlocked with the rotation of a valve stem 4 when a valve is opened, thereby pushing out fuel in the fuel storage chamber into the second fuel passage. Since the fuel is jetted from the main fuel exhaust nozzle through the fuel storage chamber as the part of the fuel passage even when an acceleration pump is not operated, bubbles are prevented from accumulating in the fuel storage chamber even if the bubbles are generated in the fuel for some reasons. Thereby, when performing operation to temporarily increase the fuel by the opening operation of a throttle valve, the acceleration performance is prevented from deteriorated by the bubbles.

Zbytowski, Eric
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September 18, 2008
Filing Date:
March 02, 2007
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International Classes:
F02M7/08; F02M7/06
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大島 陽一