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Japanese Patent JP2019045494
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To provide a ultra-small actuating and sensing module having both a waterproof function and a dustproof function.SOLUTION: An actuator and sensor module is configured by sequentially stacking an actuating device, a first substrate, a valve piece, and a second substrate. The first substrate includes an intake channel, an exhaust channel, a gas inlet, and a gas outlet. The second substrate opens a penetration tank. The valve piece is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. An intake valve and an exhaust valve close and insulate the intake channel and the exhaust channel, respectively. The actuating device is disposed to close the penetration tank of the second substrate to form a compressing chamber between the valve piece and the penetration tank. The gas inlet, the intake channel, the compressing chamber, the exhaust channel, and the gas outlet are in communication with each other to form a gas flow circuit. The sensor is disposed in the gas flow circuit. The actuating device drives external gas to circulate the gas in the gas flow circuit, thereby, the sensor can monitor the circulating gas.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1A

莫 皓然
陳 世昌
廖 家▲いく▼
陳 壽宏
廖 鴻信
李 秋霖
陳 美燕
黄 ▲けい▼峰
韓 永隆
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Publication Date:
March 22, 2019
Filing Date:
August 24, 2018
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International Classes:
G01N1/00; F04B45/04; F04B45/047
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
新保 斉