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Japanese Patent JP3165115
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily assemble a moving member on a frame through an opening part by connecting a bearing block threaded with a ball screw for transmitting the driving force to a moving body, which can be freely displaced in a longitudinal direction of a frame formed with a driving source and a recessed part, for integral displacement to an opening part having a U-shaped cross section freely to be disconnected.
SOLUTION: A guide unit 108 is fitted in a recessed part 128 of a frame part 102, and a ball screw 112 and an electric motor 114 are fitted in an opening part 130 of a locking part 104 and a hole 132 of a bearing part 116 through an annular body 118 and a holding fitting 120. The opening part formed in a bottom surface of a moving body 106 is slid so as to be inserted into a cylinder part 134 of a ball holding part 110 connected to the ball screw 112. The moving body 106 is fitted so that a block 138 continuously provided in a guide part 108 is fitted in a recessed part 136 provided in a lower surface of the moving body 106. With this structure, a moving member 100 is easily assembled in the frame part 102 at a construction field.

Nagai, Shigekazu
Saito, Akio
Sugiyama, Toru
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Publication Date:
May 14, 2001
Filing Date:
August 03, 1998
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F15B15/00; F16H25/20; G05D3/00; H02K7/06; (IPC1-7): F16H25/20; G05D3/00; H02K7/06
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千葉 剛宏 (外1名)