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Japanese Patent JP2019065977
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To solve the problem that a structure of an adjuster may be complicated.SOLUTION: A proximal end portion of a shaft 6 which cannot be rotated with respect to a casing 5 and with which a second outer cable 3 is fixed in a distal end, penetrates a portion at an opposite side of a fixed portion of a first outer cable 2 in the casing 5. A length adjuster 7 is externally fitted in a rotatable manner to a portion of the shaft 6 inside of the casing 5. One ring-shaped component 24 in the length adjuster 7 forms multiple grooves 26, 26a, ..., in each of which a pin 21 protrusively provided in a side part of the shaft 6 can be accommodated, while being disposed on an equal angle basis in a circumferential direction and being displaced step by step in an axial direction of the shaft 6, on an annular end face at one end side. The other ring-shaped component forms a spiral slope 29 in the same spiral shape as the arrangement of the grooves 26, 26a, ..., in each of portions opposite to the grooves 26, 26a, ..., on a circumferential surface at one end side of two ring-shaped components 25. When manufacturing each of components, in particular, the ring-shaped component 24 including the grooves 26, 26a, ..., high precision may be required but a structure itself is simple and assembly may also be easily performed.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

林 真弘
梅田 学
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April 25, 2019
Filing Date:
October 02, 2017
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International Classes:
F16C1/22; F16C1/26
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西山 聞一