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Japanese Patent JPH1084696
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To provide an air conditioner using various kinds of AC power voltages in common along with high power factor and small harmonics.

An AC power voltage from an AC power supply is rectified in full wave and charged in a capacitor 5 to obtain a DC power voltage for an inverter 13. The AC power voltage of 100V or 200V is provided. When the power voltage is 100V. a divided voltage Ed of DC voltage Ed at the capacitor 5 is selected. When the power voltage is 202V, a divided voltage Ed2 of DC voltage Ed, where Ed1>Ed2, is selected by a selective switch 18 to use it as the DC voltage Ed' for on-off control of a switching element 6. The DC power voltages Ed from 100V and 200V are different,. but when a divided voltage ratio is set adequately, the DC power voltage Ed is made desirable level with respect to the AC power voltages to operate the jnverter 13 at high efficiency with a small loss.

Kato, Koji
Inoue, Toru
Ishii, Makoto
Takakura, Yuuhachi
Notohara, Yasuo
Kawabata, Yukio
Shinozaki, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
March 31, 1998
Filing Date:
October 04, 1996
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International Classes:
F24F11/02; H02M7/48; H02P27/08; (IPC1-7): H02P7/63; F24F11/02; H02M7/48
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
武 顕次郎