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Japanese Patent JP2012026704
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To provide an air supply device capable of efficiently drying a work by homogenizing an in-furnace temperature, and applicable to a horizontal rotary type container free from formation of an air outlet and an air inlet on the container and piping as an air pathway on a large scale.

This air supply device includes a discharge pipe including a nose section for supplying the air into the container, a suction pipe coaxially positioned on an outer periphery of the discharge pipe and discharging the air in the container, a connecting means for mounting the discharge pipe and the suction pipe on the container, and an air generating device connected to the discharge pipe through an air distribution pipe or to the suction pipe through an air supply pipe. The discharge pipe, the suction pipe and the connecting means are integrally formed, the outlet at a tip of the discharge pipe is projected at the nose section with respect to the inlet at a tip of the suction pipe, so that they are separated from each other in the container. The air generating device and the inside of the container are configured to circulate the air, and the container is configured rotatably on the discharge pipe, the suction pipe and the connecting means as rotating shafts.

Kodama, Yoshiji
Shinohara, Shinji
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Publication Date:
February 09, 2012
Filing Date:
July 28, 2010
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International Classes:
F26B21/00; F26B11/04; F27D7/02