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Japanese Patent JP2012087513
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To provide an airtight duct structure of a hollow wall, easy in application, and capable of preventing waste of indoor thermal energy.

Each of a pair of holding rings is configured so that a pit and projection 4, 5 engagedly corresponding to the inner peripheral surface of a large diameter ring 3 having a cylindrical part of the same external diameter as the diameter of through-holes A, B provided in an inner wall material D and an external wall material E and to the outer peripheral surface of a small diameter ring 2 having a cylindrical part fitted into the large diameter ring 3, respectively, are formed, and is provided with notches 7, 6 cutting in the peripheral direction. A communication pipe material 1 is configured so that an end flange 10 is formed at the base end of the pipe material longer than the wall thickness of a hollow wall and having an external diameter substantially equal to the inner diameter of the small diameter ring 2. By using the pair of holding rings and the communication pipe material 1, the holding rings are inserted into the through-holes A, B by wringing the notches 6, 7 of the holding rings to a smaller diameter, and then restoring the same so as to engage the pits and projections 5, 4 with each other and to mount the inner wall material D and the external wall material E to be in a state they are clamped by the flanges 8, 9. Then, the communication pipe material 1 is inserted from the through hole A until the end flange 10 is butted.

Arai, Akio
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May 10, 2012
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October 19, 2010
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E04F17/08; F16L5/00; F24F13/02; F24F13/20
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平山 俊夫