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Japanese Patent JPH04117158
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PURPOSE: To make possible to assemble, inspect, dismount and replace a coil without separating a duct by splitting a stator coil to be disposed on the outer periphery of an outer duct into two semicircular sections and sequentially arranging them in the axial direction in at least one of two semi-peripheral surface areas obtained by dividing the outer peripheral surface of the outer duct in the axial direction.

CONSTITUTION: Each of a plurality of stator coils 2 arranged on the outer periphery of an outer duct 4 comprises two semicircular sections 2-a and linear sections 2-b extending axially at the opposite ends thereof. The semicircular section 2-a of the coil 2 are separated into upper and lower semi-peripheral surface parts of the outer duct 4 and arranged sequentially in the axial direction. The linear sections 2-b are then connected in the order of phase along the axial direction for each coil group such that only a few connections are made between the coils in the upper and lower semi-peripheral surface sections. According to the constitution, the coil can be dismounted without cutting the duct 4 and thereby the coil 2 can be assembled, inspected, repaired and replaced easily.

Katsuki, Kenji
Nakano, Masanobu
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Publication Date:
April 17, 1992
Filing Date:
September 06, 1990
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International Classes:
H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/06