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Japanese Patent JP2002138583
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To provide anti-buckling braces with compact detailing and economic benefit, capable of preventing local buckling at both ends of core materials of the braces and offset of the restraining members in buildup condition.

An anti-buckling brace 1 includes a core material 2 made of a steel plate, and restraining members 3 made of steel that are fixed around the section of the core material 2. The core material 2 has higher yield strength because it has larger thickness in the middle than in the ends at axial direction. The ends of the core material 2 at axial direction has not local buckling under heavy axial load because they have ribs 24 made of steel tubes that are fixed at right angles to them. The broadened part of the ends of the core materials that has comparably compact detailing is bolt-jointed to a column or a beam through gusset plates. The restraining members 3 prevent the core material 2 from moving axially, by fitting heights 5 of the middle of the core material to hollows 6 of the middle of the restraining members.

Sasaki, Masamichi
Fukuda, Koji
Ichinohe, Yasuo
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Publication Date:
May 14, 2002
Filing Date:
November 01, 2000
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E04B1/24; E04B1/58; E04H9/02; (IPC1-7): E04B1/58; E04B1/24; E04H9/02
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久門 知 (外1名)