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Japanese Patent JP3413410
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an anti-theft alarm lock for an automobile not causing noise damage.
SOLUTION: In a warning circuit in a lock body driven simultaneously with attachment to a steering wheel, a CPU is operated by a signal of a pressure change detecting circuit, the pressure change detecting circuit is provided with a filter circuit connected with a power supply input terminal and a power supply voltage stabilizing circuit connected to the filter circuit, a pressure detecting circuit is connected with the power supply voltage stabilizing circuit, an external air pressure change status is sent to positive and negative signal comparing circuits after being converted into electronic signals by a pressure detector and amplified by a low band-pass amplifying circuit, the positive and negative signal comparing circuits detect positive and negative signals and respectively sends them to the CPU after amplification through a set of corresponding circuits composed of a diode, a capacitor, a resistor, and a transistor, and the CPU executes a preset sound and light warning step by the signals.

Sha, Teikei
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June 03, 2003
Filing Date:
June 14, 2001
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Sha, Teikei
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E05B45/06; B60R25/021; B60R25/022; B60R25/104; B60R25/20; B60R25/31; B60R25/34; E05B81/54; E05B81/82; E05B83/00; G08B13/16; (IPC1-7): B60R25/02; B60R25/10; E05B45/06; E05B65/12; G08B13/16
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竹本 松司 (外5名)