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Japanese Patent JP3353869
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an antibacterial compsn. which has a good antibacterial activity, can maintain the activity for a long period of time, and has a high safety and excellent mechanical properties by incorporating a particular phosphonium salt compd. into a synthetic polymer.
SOLUTION: This compsn. comprises a synthetic polymer and a phosphonium salt compd. incorporated in a free form into the synthetic polymer. The phosphonium salt compd. has a structure represented by the formula (wherein R1 and R2 represent each a 3-18C alkyl and R3 to R6 represent each a 1-18C alkyl, a 7-20C aralkyl with at least one of R3 to R6 representing a 6C or higher alkyl. The amt. of the phosphonium salt compd. added to the synthetic polymer is generally 0.05 to 25 pts.wt. based on 100 pts.wt. base polymer. The addition of a plasticizer to the synthetic polymer is pref. because, by virtue of a synergistic effect, a satisfactory effect can be attained by the addition of a small amt. of an antibacterial agent. Polyvinyl chloride and polyvinylidene chloride are most pref. as the synthetic polymer.

Tanaka, Masakazu
Seko, Masahiro
Yokota, Hideyuki
Konagaya, Juji
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Publication Date:
September 27, 2002
Filing Date:
January 17, 1996
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C08K5/12; C08K5/49; C08K5/50; C08L23/02; C08L27/04; C08L67/00; C08L75/00; C08L75/04; C08L77/00; C08L101/00; (IPC1-7): C08K5/50; C08K5/12; C08L23/02; C08L27/04; C08L67/00; C08L75/04; C08L77/00; C08L101/00