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Japanese Patent JP3349035
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To remove bubbles by forming a nozzle electing a pressure fluid on the upper side in a drain horizontal pipe connected to the lower section of a drain riser and installing a suction valve sucking the outside air into the pipe when the inside of the pipe on the stream side upper than the nozzle reaches a negative pressure.
SOLUTION: A pressure detector 8 detects in-pipe pressure on the upstream side of a drain horizontal main pipe 4, and transmits a detected signal to an automatic controller 9. The automatic controller 9 operates an air blower 7 when the in-pipe pressure reaches a preset abnormal step-up level. Pressure air is ejected towards the downstream side from a nozzle 6 for the nozzle pipe 5 of the air blower 7 in the horizontal main pipe 4. Pushing force works to a foam plug section on the stream side lower than the nozzle 6 and drawing force to a foam plug section on the stream side upper than the nozzle 6 respectively, the foam plug sections are blown off, and a ventilation path is ensured in an upper section in the horizontal main pipe 4. When a drain riser 1 on the stream side upper than the nozzle 6 and the inside of a horizontal branch pipe 16 further reach negative pressure, a suction valve 20 is opened and the outside air is sucked into the pipe, and the breaking of a drain trap for the horizontal branch pipe 16 is prevented.

Nakaishi, Masao
Toyama, Noriyuki
Abe, Yoshitaka
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Publication Date:
November 20, 2002
Filing Date:
April 04, 1996
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International Classes:
E03C1/122; (IPC1-7): E03C1/122
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安田 敏雄