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Japanese Patent JPH08118597
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PURPOSE: To restrain unevenness of thickness of coating viscous-agent due to the unevenness abrasion of a squeezee by blocking up an viscous agent being moved by the rotation of a masking member in synchronization with the activation of a member to be coated with a viscous agent, and allowing it to be supply-coated from an opening of the mask member being opposite to the primary part of the same member surface.

CONSTITUTION: The transportation passage is lowered, and resin is supplied between the window 15b of a masking member (member) 15 and the squeezee 17. A semiconductor pellet 4 is shifted, while rotating the member 15. When the front edge D of the window 15b of the member 15 comes in the vicinity of the front edge E of the pellet, the transportation passage is lifted, then the pellet 4 and member 15 come close to each other, and resin 22 blocked by the squeezee 17 is supplied on the pellet 4 from the window 15b. In this state, when the member 15 is rotated, resin 22 being pushed out of the window is scraped by the squeezee 17, and further, when the rear edge F of the window 15b and the rear edge G of the pellet 4 are spaced away from each other, a resin layer 24 is formed with a predetermined thickness on the pellet 4 surface, following this, the pellet 4 forming the resin thickness 24 is lowered and shifted out of the way of the support 14.

Maruuchi, Shinji
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Publication Date:
May 14, 1996
Filing Date:
October 26, 1994
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International Classes:
B41F15/08; B05C1/02; B41F15/40; H01L21/56; (IPC1-7): B41F15/08; B05C1/02; B41F15/40; H01L21/56