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Japanese Patent JPH0614816
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PURPOSE: To transfer a tray on a shelf plate to a fixed position by controlling a frame body vertical motion mechanism, a tray holding mechanism and a tray forward/backward motion mechanism, based on an input from an operating part and an output of a sensor.

CONSTITUTION: When a frame body 31 ascends to a position corresponding to a shelf plate 125 and operates a limit switch, a first motor 41 of a frame body vertical motion mechanism is stopped, and a second motor of a tray holding mechanism is operated in order to hold a tray 215. When a screw lever moves by a prescribed distance and a holding piece abuts on four corners of the tray 215, the holding piece holds the tray 215 by energizing force of a toggle spring. In such a state, when a third motor 86 of a tray forward/backward motion mechanism is operated and gears 90L, 90R are rotated, toothed belts 92L, 92R guided by pulleys 91L, 91R are fed to the left side by the gears 90L, 90R. Subsequently, a frame body 61 is guided by a guide rail and moved to the left direction. The frame body 61 moves to an advance position and stops a third motor 86, and an operator can obtain a desired article from the tray 215.

Miyagi, Masao
Yoneda, Takashi
Funakubo, Hiroyasu
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Publication Date:
January 25, 1994
Filing Date:
June 30, 1992
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A47B46/00; A47B51/00; A47B88/00; (IPC1-7): A47B46/00; A47B88/00
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瀧野 秀雄 (外1名)