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Japanese Patent JP2013111458
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To provide an assembling toothbrush that is compact and is resource saving since it allows for brushing teeth without using any toothpaste and rinsing water.

A toothbrush uses a few clusters 9 of bristles and the clusters 9 of bristles are transplanted at a width of nearly the tooth width to allow the head of the brush to efficiently reach spaces between teeth. Water passing holes 4, 5 are formed in a central portion of a brush stand A so that a food residue etc. caught by the bristles of the brush may not stay on the brush, and a round slope is formed in a flat surface of the brush stand to allow the food residue etc. to be swallowed easily. In order for the toothbrush to be a close item and be carried all the times, the brush stand and a handle B are made separately as compatible parts and a device for assembling and disassembling the handle and the brush stand easily is provided.

Miyazaki, Soichi
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Publication Date:
June 10, 2013
Filing Date:
November 24, 2011
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International Classes:
A46B7/04; A46B9/04