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Japanese Patent JP2018204436
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To provide an assembly camshaft which has a simpler structure, is easy in assembling, and can perform the positioning of a rolling bearing arranged between cam pieces in a shaft axial line direction without trouble.SOLUTION: In an assembly camshaft in which a plurality of cam pieces are fit and fixed to a shaft, and into which a rolling bearing is fit, the rolling bearing has: an outer ring; an inner ring which is formed of an external peripheral face of the shaft; a plurality of rollers; and a cage for holding a plurality of the rollers with prescribed intervals in a peripheral direction of the shaft. In the cage, a first cage which is arranged while being positioned in one end side of an axial direction of the rollers, and a second cage which is arranged while being positioned in the other end side of the axial direction of the rollers are dividedly formed, and a positioning region 17 or 27 is formed at least at either of the first cage 11 and the second cage 21 so as to abut on the cam pieces which oppose each other in the axial direction while being extended to the axial direction.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6

山口 晋弘
外山 正基
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December 27, 2018
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May 30, 2017
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F01L1/04; F16C3/18; F16C9/02; F16C19/46; F16C33/42
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