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Japanese Patent JPH10195893
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To vertically construct block plates in an inclined place without constructing a horizontal foundation groundsill by connecting a block plate and a pedestal block with a loose-passing shaft through a loose-passing hole.

A lower end of a block plate 1, which is provided with an exposed fixed body 8 inside of a recessed space 7 of both side surfaces 7, is provided with a loose-passing hole 3, and a pedestal block 2 is provided with a circular loose-passing hole 4 and a lateral long loose-passing hole 5. Firstly, leveling concrete is placed in the ground, and the pedestal block 2 is placed thereon, and the pedestal block 2 and the block plate 1 are connected to each other by a loose-passing shaft 6, and the adjacent block plates 1 are connected to each other through an exposed fixed body 8, and a clearance between each block plate 1 is filled with the fixing agent such as mortar cement so as to unify the whole of a wall. Consequently, in the case of providing a wall in an inclined place, the pedestal block 2 is provided in the inclined condition, but the block plates 1 can be vertically provided in parallel with each other through the loose-passing shaft 6, and a necessity of constructing a stage difference type horizontal foundation groundsill is eliminated.

Horiuchi, Takeaki
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Publication Date:
July 28, 1998
Filing Date:
January 17, 1997
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E02D29/02; (IPC1-7): E02D29/02