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Japanese Patent JP2012095985
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To solve such problems that it is suffering to sit straight for a long time in view of prevailing of a western life style these days even though a procedure for making tea is basically performed sitting straight on a Tatami mat, and the procedure cannot be performed due to a pain from weakening of joints with age, thus desiring for an assembly type folding screen for achieving sitting straight for a long time.

A low folding screen for a tea ceremony and a Tatami mat are removably integrated, only the Tatami mat is heightened, and a wastewater receptacle can be pulled out and used. An iron plate is attached to the inside of the low folding screen so that the screen can be applied to other things than the procedure for making tea. Accordingly, a color paper, picture or decoration to which a magnet sheet is previously attached can be mounted on a surface of the folding screen, and seasonal or timely decorations such as a Samurai warrior helmet or round rice-cake are placed on the Tatami mat, bringing the diversity at each time. The folding screen can be folded by removing the Tatami mat so as to save a storage space.

Sakata, Kikuko
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Publication Date:
May 24, 2012
Filing Date:
November 03, 2010
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International Classes:
A47B37/00; A47B3/12; A47B17/04