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Japanese Patent JP2008174920
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To provide an easily-detachable attachment coupler for a working machine which is excellent in the connection safety of an attachment.

The attachment coupler is characterized in that upper portions of first and second arms, the lower portions of which are provided with U-shaped portions with U-shaped cross sections are axially connected to each other; the first and second arms are pivotally attached to both ends of an expansion/contraction implement which is provided between an upper axially-connected portion and the lower U-shaped portion, respectively; a pivotally-attached portion of either of the first and the second arms comprises a locking member which can be freely rotated on a pivot and which exerts an urging force in the rotational direction of the expansion/contraction implement, and a hook which is attached by means of a rotating shaft parallel to the pivot; in the locking member, a recess is formed at a peripheral edge and on the U-shaped-portion side of the arm; and the hook has a locking protrusion which makes an entry into the recess of the locking member in the contracted state of the expansion/contraction implement, and a protrusion which protrudes from and recedes into the opening of the U-shaped portion.

Nishioka, Takao
Moriuchi, Takashi
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July 31, 2008
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January 16, 2007
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大谷 嘉一