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Patent Searching and Data

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Japanese Patent JPH11316639
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To quickly carry out a retrieval process and to improve the comfortableness for users by detecting the moving speed of an operating element and switching a display device to the display of a register from the display of each registration when an accelerated motion of the operating element is detected.

When a data bank 2 is opened, the 1st registering of a display device 4 is shown (A). The device 4 shows the next registration of the bank 2 via the operation of an operating element 3 (B). When a user tries to retrieve the registration 'Peter-Tel. 069/1223456', for example, the user intuitively and quickly operates the element 3 and turns over many registration pages which are alphabetically arranged. When an accelerated motion of the element 3 is detected by a detector, the device 4 immediately switches the display of each registration to the display of a host register, i.e., the capital letters A, B, etc., are shown. If a capital letter P is shown in this example, the user immediately shows each registration instead of the host register.

Meier-arendt, Guido
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Publication Date:
November 16, 1999
Filing Date:
November 27, 1998
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International Classes:
G01C21/36; G06F3/0362; H04M1/247; H04M1/2745; (IPC1-7): G06F3/00
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矢野 敏雄 (外3名)