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Japanese Patent JP2019088755
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To solve a problem of difficulty in washing the back with disabled hands while, conventionally, in washing the back of the body, both ends of a towel is held by both hands, with the towel placed on the back to move both hands laterally and obliquely, thereby washing the back by rubbing the surface of the back with the towel, which is a difficult operation.SOLUTION: The back washing device is for solving the foregoing problem, and is composed of a) a fixed part and b) a movable part. a) is a vertically held round bar and b) is a jig which has a vertically penetrated round hole with a slightly larger inner diameter than the outer diameter of the round bar, which has a handle on both sides, with a scrubbing piece fixed in the front through a frame, with a left round hole inserted from the upper end of the round bar of a), and with the jig made to move by vertically sliding on the round bar of a). In a state where the back of the body is brought into contact with the scrubbing piece, one or both of the handles are raised by hand and vertically moved. Then, the scrubbing piece is linked with it through the jig to move vertically, thereby making washing of the back possible. As the scrubbing piece moves vertically, recessed parts of the back can be washed.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4

人見 克弘
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June 13, 2019
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November 16, 2017
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人見 克弘
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