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Japanese Patent JPH0985676
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To provide a bag opener, which opens a bag storing a weight content and easily takes out the content, at low cost.

A swinging arm 5 is rotatably supported in the bottom of a working table 20 by setting a shaft 6 as a fulcrum. A cutter is vertically attached to the end of the swinging arm 5 and its tip is projected from an opening 4 of the table 20. A weight bag 50 is mounted on the table 20 over the opening. When the swinging arm is rotationally moved from a position shown by a solid line to a position shown by an imaginary line, a cutter moves in the opening 4 from the bottom to the top so as to cut the bottom part of the weight bag 5. When the bag is raised by held its both ends with the hands, the content is fallen by being guided by a guide board.

Iwata, Shinichi
Sasaki, Satoru
Matsukura, Satoshi
Hisasue, Shinobu
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 31, 1997
Filing Date:
September 25, 1995
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International Classes:
B26D1/04; (IPC1-7): B26D1/04
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
伊藤 武久 (外1名)