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Japanese Patent JPH0860490
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PURPOSE: To make curved needles having two curved parts, respectively, so as to allow wefts to pass between warps in a crossed state without using a heddle.

CONSTITUTION: A warp 10 is attached to the root parts of curved needles having two curved parts 2 projected in the 180 degree different directions, respectively, and beads 5 are passed through the needles from their tips to the curved parts. The needles are arranged in parallel to each other so that the positions of the adjacent curved parts of the needles are mutually turned upside down, and the tips of the needles are embedded in the groove 8 of the upper frame of the loom and fixed with fixing pieces so as not to move. A warp 11 is passed through a space near to the needle roots among the spaces formed by the continuation of the curved parts with a shuttle 12, and the weft is subsequently moved to the lower frame to which the warp is bound. The first lateral row beads are moved to the lower frame 6 through the curved parts, and a weft is subsequently passed through the space near to the needle tips. The weft is also moved to the lower frame, and the second row beads are subsequently moved to the lower frame through the two curved parts. The processes are repeated to weave the warps and the wefts through the beads.

Ogura, Hiroyuki
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Publication Date:
March 05, 1996
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August 15, 1994
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D03D29/00; D03D41/00; (IPC1-7): D03D41/00; D03D29/00