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Japanese Patent JP2019044873
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To provide a bearing device for wheel capable of reducing elastic deformation of a rolling surface while suppressing increase in weight of an outer ring.SOLUTION: A bearing device 13 for wheel comprises: an outer member consisting of an outer ring 2 which integrally includes a vehicle body mounting flange 2e and in which double rows of outer rolling surfaces 2c and 2d are integrally formed; an inner member which consists of a hub ring 3 which integrally includes a wheel mounting flange 3b for mounting a wheel and in which a small-diameter step 3a extending in an axial direction is formed, and at least one inner ring 4 which is press-fitted into the small-diameter step 3a of the hub ring 3, and in which double rows of inner rolling surfaces 3c and 4a facing the double rows of outer rolling surfaces 2c and 2d are formed; and double rows of ball trains 5a and 5b which are accommodated between the rolling surfaces in a freely rotatable manner. In the bearing device for wheel, an annular member 8 consisting of a material of which the rigidity is higher than that of a material forming the outer member is press-fitted to an outer periphery of an outer member opening closer to the wheel mounting flange 3b.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

山本 一成
谷口 隼人
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March 22, 2019
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September 01, 2017
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F16C33/58; B60B35/14; F16C19/18; F16C35/06; F16C43/04
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