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Japanese Patent JPH10101119
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To surely prevent a liquid container with a bellows pump from leaking liquid by a simple constitution, improving a conventional bellows pump, which is mounted on the mouth of a container filled with liquid prior to the distribution to a market and it is feared that the liquid contained in the container leaks from a nozzle due to vibrations caused by tumbling-down or transportation or an unexpected push on a bellows and if a stopper is attached to the nozzle, it is likely to come off.

An adapter cylinder 1 is put on a neck Aa of a container main body A and a bellows pump main body 2 is mounted on the adaptor cylinder 1. A suction pipe 3 is provided to the bellows pump main body 2 to supply liquid from the container main body A to the bellows pump main body 2. A movable nozzle 4 to spout liquid from the bellows pump main body 2 is attached at an adequate position on the bellows pump main body 2 and incorporates a cock device 5 that opens and closes an effluent path 6 and is operated by the action of the nozzle 4 itself. The bellows pump main body 2 is equipped with an action preventive device 7.

Ogawa, Riichi
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Publication Date:
April 21, 1998
Filing Date:
September 30, 1996
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B65D47/34; B05B11/00; (IPC1-7): B65D47/34
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今岡 良夫