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Japanese Patent JPH07165636
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PURPOSE: To obtain a new benzene derivative useful as an intermediate for the synthesis of a benzo-heterocyclic compound having antibacterial activity.

CONSTITUTION: This benzene derivative is expressed by formula I [R3 is H; X is a halogen; R2, R4, D and E are defined as follows: (a) R2' is a halogen or a (substituted)1-piperazinyl; R4 is an alkyl; D is COR102; E is a halogen; COR102 is CH(R5)(COOR6) or C(COOR6)=NHR1; R5 is COR10 or COOR11 (R10 and R11 each is an alkyl); R6 is an alkyl; R1 is a (substituted)cyclopropyl, (b) R2 and R4 are same as those of the case (a Q; D is NO2; E is R103 or NH2; R103 is NHR1 or group of formula II (R27 and R28 each is an alkyl) or (c) R2' is a halogen; R4 is an alkyl; D is COOH; E is a halogen; etc.]. The compound is useful as a synthetic intermediate for a benzo-heterocyclic compound of formula III [R1 is a (substituted)cyclopropyl, phenyl or alkyl, etc.; R2 is a 5 to 9-membered heterocyclic residue; R3 is H, an alkyl or a halogen; R is H or an alkyl; X is a halogen].

Ueda, Takashi
Miyamoto, Hisashi
Yamashita, Hiroshi
Tone, Hitoshi
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Publication Date:
June 27, 1995
Filing Date:
October 03, 1994
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C07D215/56; A01N37/10; A01N43/32; C07C25/02; C07C69/76; C07C211/52; C07C251/16; C07C323/29; (IPC1-7): C07C25/02; A01N37/10; A01N43/32; C07C69/76; C07C211/52; C07C251/16; C07C323/29
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
三枝 英二 (外4名)