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Japanese Patent JP3405618
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PURPOSE: To obtain stably a large amplitude displacement of the actuator with less deterioration of a bimorph piezoelectric actuator with time by a method wherein the main surfaces of two piezoelectric ceramic boards with the main surfaces laminated are provided with covered electrodes respectively and reinforcement members fixed outside.
CONSTITUTION: A plurality of mirror-polished piezoelectric ceramic plates 1 and 2 are molded, electrodes 3 and 6 and 7 and 5 are respectively formed on the main surfaces of the plate 1 and the main surfaces of the plate 2 to perform a polarization treatment and a positive side in the polarization direction is used as the side (a side where the electrode 3 or 5 is not formed) of a shim. Two plates 1 and 2 are laminated to a shim material 4 with two kinds of bonding agents, which are respectively cured at room temperatures and a temperature of 150°C, in such a way that the electrodes 3 and 5 are respectively provided on the outsides of the plates 1 and 2 and moreover, inverter foils (reinforcing members 8 and 9) are respectively laminated to the outsides of the electrodes 3 and 5 using a bonding agent and a bimorph piezoelectric actuator is formed. Accordingly, the deterioration of a ceramic material or the speed of a partial breaking, which is accompanied by the progress of a crack, becomes slow, a change in the amplitude of the actuator with time is slow and the actuator can conduct a stable operation over a long time.

Takahashi, Keiichi
Fukuoka, Yoshihiko
Nishida, Masamitsu
Kawashima, Shunichiro
Kugimiya, Koichi
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Publication Date:
May 12, 2003
Filing Date:
April 11, 1995
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B23Q5/28; B25J19/00; G11B5/592; H01L41/09; H01L41/187; H01H57/00; (IPC1-7): H01L41/09; B23Q5/28; B25J19/00; G11B5/592; H01L41/187
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池内 寛幸 (外1名)