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Japanese Patent JPH0780049
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PURPOSE: To enhance the safety to the human body, and to stabilize the time required for displaying a body temperature by providing a liquid crystal display device for detecting the body temperature by a thermosensitive element provided through an adhesive agent in the inside of a hollow nipple part, converting it to a numerical value of the body temperature by a CPU of a control part and displaying it, and a tone generating device for informing a fact that a temperature measurement is completed.

CONSTITUTION: This body temperature detecting teething ring consists of a body temperature detecting teething ring mouth plate 5, a hollow nipple part 1 in the center of its lower side, a device containing part 3 formed integrally with the mouth plate 5 through a connecting part 7 in the center part of its upper side, and a handle 8 of the upper side of the mouth plate 5, and the device containing part 3 has a liquid crystal display part 4 and a switch 11 of a push-button type on the upper face, and contains a control part CPU. To a recessed part of the inside of the tip of the hollow nipple part 1, the tip of a thermosensitive element 2 is stuck, the other end is connected to the control part CPU, and in the mouth plate 5, an auxiliary breathing hole 6 is provided on the left and the right. When a temperature measurement is completed, the temperature measurement completion is informed by an intermittent sound of a buzzer, and also, the body temperature is displayed on the liquid crystal display part 4.

Urabe, Akio
Nishimura, Kinji
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Publication Date:
March 28, 1995
Filing Date:
September 17, 1993
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A61J17/00; G01K5/22; (IPC1-7): A61J17/00; G01K5/22