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Japanese Patent JPS5620079
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PURPOSE: To bond members to be joined surely at a correct position, by a method wherein in the bonding of two members to be joined such as a printing wheel main body and a printing type body, one member to be joined is previously provided with a through-hole, a position where two members are joined is fixed, and then an adhesive is injected into the through-hole to penetrate the adhesive into a joint area.

CONSTITUTION: The convex fitting part 27 of a printing type body 23 is inserted from a joint upper face 28 thereof through an open surface 16 of a printing wheel main body 11 into the concave fitting part 15 of the printing type fixing part 13 of the main body 11. The convex fitting part 27 is closely fitted into the fitting part 15 so that the joint surface 14 of the fitting part 15 and the joint surface 26 of the fitting part 27 are located at a correct joining position. While keeping the correct fitted state, the required amount of an adhesive 21 is injected from the injection part 32 of a container 31 through the injection port 22 of the printing wheel main body 11 into a through-hole 20. By a capillary phenomenon, the adhesive 21 spreads from another end part of the through-hole 20 to a zone between an inner bottom surface 17 and the joint upper surface 28. Then the adhesive penetrates between joint slopes 18, 19 and 29, 30 toward an joint surface 26, and is hardened to fix the printing type body 23 to the printing wheel main body 11.

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Publication Date:
February 25, 1981
Filing Date:
July 28, 1979
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International Classes:
C09J5/00; C09J5/08; C09J5/10; (IPC1-7): C09J5/08; C09J5/10