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Japanese Patent JP2012016467
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To provide a grave that can leave an individual grave and a research result throughout a lifetime as a proof of life although an unmarried person without a successor while being simple and fulfilling a need function without requiring a conventional exaggerated graveyard and gravestone.

A book type grave includes a cinerary box provided with a storage part for ashes, a booklet and a medium flash memory for personal history compilation data. The box is formed inside with an ash storage part and a storage part for the booklet or the like by a partition plate. The ashes of the deceased with no successor are stored in the ash storage part of the book type grave, and the flash memory or the like recording an information medium and an image medium of the personal history compilation is separately stored as the proof of life in the storage part for the booklet or the like. Characters, a picture or a photograph is placed on a cover of the book grave, and the book grave is arranged on a frame placed along a wall surface and deified to provide a worship method enabling a visitor to the grave to read the achievement booklet left by the deceased, as reference for the remaining life while cherishing the memory of the deceased.

Takizawa, Tomizo
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Publication Date:
January 26, 2012
Filing Date:
July 08, 2010
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International Classes:
A61G17/08; E04H13/00

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