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Japanese Patent JP3942119
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a book with a flat recording medium such as a CD visible through a cover not to be damaged during the distribution.
SOLUTION: In the constitution of a book 10, a holder such as a bag 2 storing a CD l in the state of being visible from outside is provided between a cover 12 and a text 11, and a window 13 formed on the cover 12 is overlapped with at least a part of the CD 1 inside, and a laminated sheet formed by laminating a transparent film 15 covering a window opening 14a formed on a paper 14 on the whole of the paper is used as the cover 12. A reader is ready to know that the CD is incorporated in the book in a bookstore, which stirs up the desire for purchase. As the transparent film 15 covering the window opening 14a is laminated all over the paper, the setting is smart and refined from the viewpoint of design, and from the functional side, the window 13 is not caught easily to eliminate the fear of damaging the cover 12 during the distribution.

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Kan, Fumitaka
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Publication Date:
April 13, 2007
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November 21, 1997
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B42D1/00; B42C7/00; B42D3/02; (IPC1-7): B42D1/00
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