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Japanese Patent JP2007181527
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To provide a practical bottle heating apparatus capable of heating a feeding bottle or the like to a prescribed temperature and having superior maintenance property and cleanliness.

This bottle heating apparatus comprises: a plurality of heating cylindrical bodies 2 each having a such inside diameter as allowing the insertion/extraction of a bottle 1 in a slide contact therewith or via a slight clearance formed therebetween and composed of a highly thermal conductive material; electric heating bodies 3 producing heat by energization and heating the heating cylindrical bodies 2 respectively; and thermostats 4 each provided in a direct contact with the bottom of a bottle 1 or the bottom part 20 of the heating cylindrical body 2 with which the bottom of the bottle 1 makes contact, detecting the temperature of the bottle 1 or the heating cylindrical body 2, and controlling the energization to the electric body 3 according to the detected temperature to heat the liquid substance in the bottle 1 fitted in the heating cylindrical body 2 to a prescribed temperature.

Shindo, Tetsuya
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Publication Date:
July 19, 2007
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January 05, 2006
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A47J39/02; A47J27/00; A47J36/24
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吉井 剛
吉井 雅栄