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Japanese Patent JP2019077288
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To provide a brake control device that increases brake liquid pressure through a second pressure control unit when a first pressure control unit is in a bad condition and that can be improved in pressure increase response.SOLUTION: A brake control device comprises: a first pressure control unit which includes a first electric motor as a driving source and controls a braking liquid to first liquid pressure; "a separation unit which has a rear seal member for sealing a pressure control chamber into which the first liquid pressure is introduced and a front seal member for sealing a pressurization chamber located on the opposite side from the pressure control chamber about a piston"; "a second pressure control unit which consists of a fluid pump driven by a second electric motor and connected to the pressurization chamber and a pressure control valve, and adjusts the braking liquid that the fluid pump discharges to second liquid pressure by the pressure control valve and then supplies the braking liquid to a wheel cylinder"; and a suction fluid passage which connects a cylinder and a reservoir together between the rear seal member and front seal member. The fluid pump sucks the braking liquid from the reservoir through a connection part between the front seal member and a piston outer peripheral part.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

加藤 領幹
児玉 博之
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May 23, 2019
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October 24, 2017
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B60T15/36; B60T8/00; B60T13/18; B60T13/68; B60T17/18; F16J15/3232; F16J15/3236

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