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Japanese Patent JP2019057989
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To provide a breaker attachment structure such that breakers can be attached with fewer fixing members relative to the number of breakers to be attached and requires no fixing member to be removed when the breaker is removed.SOLUTION: A front side fixing portion F2 of a panel 1 includes: a belt piece 12 that is formed in a standing-up fashion while having a width across a plurality of breakers 2 arranged on the panel 1 and on which holding grooves 12a for holding front side projections 24 provided at a front side of the breaker 2 are formed at a constant interval; and a fixing plate 3 that covers an upper part of the front side projections 24 disposed in the holding groove 12a and has press pieces 32 for preventing the front side projections 24 from floating from the holding groove. A plurality of notches 32a that allow the front side projections 24 pass through upward are formed with the press pieces 32. The fixing plate 3 can be fixed onto the panel 1 by being slid in a lateral direction of the breaker 2 for a prescribed quantity. By sliding to change a fixing position, the fixing plate 3 can select either a state in which the projections 24 can upwardly pass or a fixed state of the breaker 2 which cannot pass.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

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安田 拡二
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Publication Date:
April 11, 2019
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September 20, 2017
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H02B1/40; H01H73/06; H02B1/42
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石田 喜樹