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Japanese Patent JPH1066038
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To properly digital multi-channel broadcast by recording digitally coded stored system program data.

Storage system program data received by a video image transmission section 11 prior to broadcasting are coded in a storage system program transmission section 113 by the moving picture coding experts group(MPEG) system and stored in a hard disk drive(HDD) array. In this case, the data are coded with a high compensation rate without deteriorated image quality by using a coding rate depending on the contents of the source. In the case of broadcasting, the stored program data are reproduced and decoded and restored into a base band AV signal and it is given to a switcher 114, in which the signal is composited with another video and audio data to generate broadcast program data. Then a coding section 12 applies MPEG coding to the data at a coding rate depending on the broadcast system. In the case of coding by the coding section 12, the coding characteristic for the coding conducted for storage is referenced and the data are coded by the same characteristic as that at the coding to prevent deterioration in the image quality.

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March 06, 1998
Filing Date:
August 20, 1996
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H04N19/46; H04H20/10; H04H60/04; H04H60/27; H04N7/08; H04N7/081; H04N7/24; H04N19/00; H04N19/70; H04H1/00; (IPC1-7): H04N7/08; H04H7/00; H04N7/081; H04N7/24
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佐藤 隆久