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Japanese Patent JP2001258644
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To provide a brush for clothes capable of removing dust on clothes surface by the same action as using a conventional brush for clothes and remov ing the dust sticking onto the brush face and storing the same inside the brush by a simple action.

The brush for clothes comprises a housing 1 of which the inside is hollow and having a dust discharging outlet 12 on the upper side thereof and an exposing window 13 on the lower side thereof, a cylindrical brush body 2 rotatably housed by shafts 21a, 21b on the window of the housing exposing one face onto the window, a cover body 3 for covering the dust discharging outlet of the housing, and a brush body-rotating body 4 disposed on the outside of the housing and connected to the shafts, wherein a dust removing brush 15b is provided for allowing dust sticking onto the brush face 25b to remain inside the housing when the brush face is shifted from the inside of the housing to the exposed window side.

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Iwahashi, Masaji
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Publication Date:
September 25, 2001
Filing Date:
March 16, 2000
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International Classes:
A46B15/00; A46B7/10; A46B9/02; A46B17/06; (IPC1-7): A46B15/00; A46B7/10; A46B9/02; A46B17/06
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佐當 彌太郎