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Japanese Patent JP2005000621
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To minimize the size of cleanser bubbles to enhance cleansing efficiency regarding an air-mixed cleanser formed by blowing air discharged from an air pump, into a cleanser, and to mix a sticky face cleanser and water in a bottle while preventing blown-off cleanser bubbles from leaking to the outside.

This bubble generator comprises a tank 1 containing the cleanser, a body 11 with a bottom plate 11a, a dry battery 2 provided inside the body 11, a motor 4 operated through a switch body 3 wired to the dry battery, and an air pump body 5 connected to the motor 4. Air pressure discharged from the air pump body 5 passes through an air pressure lead-in passage body 6 of a bridge form 5a, and countless air flow dispersedly blown off by a porous bubble stone 7 is mixed with the cleanser A filling the tank 1. Large-sized cleanser bubbles Aa of the air-mixed cleanser pass through a filter 9 detachably engaged with an opening part 1a of the tank 1. The large-sized cleanser bubbles Aa are thereby made into fine cleanser bubbles Aa'.

Takamizawa, Noboru
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Publication Date:
January 06, 2005
Filing Date:
June 13, 2003
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International Classes:
A47K5/16; (IPC1-7): A47K5/16