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Japanese Patent JP3498583
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To give an alarm when any closed door is forcibly opened while a vehicle is locked and parked, and indicate time having elapsed since the alarm was given.
SOLUTION: It is determined by a control part 1 whether or not there exists an input signal from a door lock actuator 2 to be locked/unlocked by a keyless entry system and a door switch detection part 4 detecting an ignition switch detection part 3 and the closing condition of the whole of the closing parts, and when any closed part of a vehicle is forcibly opened while the vehicle is being parked, a horn relay 7 connected with a horn 6, is so controlled as to allow an alarm to be sounded. After that, time having elapsed since an alarm was sounded is stored in a memory 8 so as to allow an indicator lamp 5 to be turned on and off in response to time having elapsed. Within the period of one hour since an alarm was given, it is repeated that the indicator lamp is turned on for the time of 0.05 seconds, and is turned off for the time of 2.4 seconds. After that, it is similarly repeated that the indicator lamp is turned on/off N times while being kept turned off for the period of 2.4 seconds at 0.05 second time intervals for the period of time until N hours will have elapsed after N-1 hours have elapsed.

Kimura, Toshihiro
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February 16, 2004
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September 10, 1998
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G08B13/00; B60R25/10; B60R25/104; B60R25/24; B60R25/34; E05B45/06; (IPC1-7): B60R25/10; E05B45/06; G08B13/00
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菊谷 公男 (外2名)